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The Honest Family

I really love this.

(Found on Etsy here.)

But I can’t help but think it would be a little self serving and a teeny weeny bit untrue if I posted this on my walls. Sure, it may be the family I would want people to see, but it’s not the family that is.

I had best print my own words….if I’m being honest, they would go something like this:

In this family,
We do messy (and Mom hates it.)
We do loud (and Mom hates that too.)
We do mad, angry, and frustrated.
We do yelling and sibling fights.
We do “Mom loses her nut.”
We do real.
We do laughter, and silly, and giggles, and fart jokes, and poop jokes, and burp jokes.
We do grumpy and happy and lazy and busy.
We do honesty.
We do love (tinged with a little hate now and then.)
We do stomping and door slamming.
We do games and movies.
We do together.
We do prayers.
We do forgiveness…
And it’s a good thing or somebody would be dead by now.

Now THAT’S family…anyone who tells you any differently is selling something. 🙂