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Driven to Abstraction

Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short again, but I figured I would post anyway seeing how I actually have something to post for Scott’s latest challenge!  Abstract photography was the topic, and I have said before how I love making abstract images.  Problem is I have trouble seeing the possibilities without my extension tubes attached. But, the past couple of weeks I’ve been stretching my brain a little to see the abstract around me.

The first image is one I took when I brought home paint swatches to formulate a plan for painting my kitchen…here, the many shades of white:

Next, I was able to capture a glorious morning sunrise…by purposely blurring the shot, it took on an abstract quality:

The next photo was the bark of my maple tree.  I thought it looked a bit like alligator skin, and the texture really jumped out in black and white:

This last one was a photo of the same tree taken during the snowstorm on March 1st.  (Hard to believe it was snowing just 3 weeks ago…it is 80 degrees here today!) I “cheated” and messed around with the shot in post to give it an abstract quality:

So there you have it! I think I’ll be playing with this concept of “abstraction” a bit more in the weeks to come.  But I leave you with a photo that is NOT an abstract, but wanted to share with you anyway…my budding lilac bush.  The buds started to swell on Sunday, and have already gotten this far.  So sweet.


Scott’s Assignment

So, I was all excited about this month’s assignment.  I was also excited about Shrew’s assignment…and about my homework assignments…so I took hundreds of photos throughout the week(s.)  Quite ironically, I managed to get a lot of shots that I liked, but very few good ones that fit my assignments!  Those photos lacked in quality.  Exasperating, really! 

So, here I share with you some that will have to do.  The one thing I will say is that these are as they are…no postprocessing.  I am working very hard to get the photo “in the camera.”  I have a looong way to go, but I am learning.

On to the storytelling…

My husband and I choose to raise our family in the town where I grew up.  It is fifteen minutes from his hometown, and his parents still live in the home where he was raised.  The road between our homes highlights one of the prettiest views in our area.  Although barren in winter, it becomes a stunning sight in the warmer months.  Different crops lay in each of the flat fields, creating a quilt-like effect.  In the first photo, you can see the local ski “resort” in the distance.

Also along this route are fields upon fields that are just waiting for the local snowmobile enthusiasts to create their tracks over them.  Amazingly, there really is power in those little “Posted” signs.

And of course, I couldn’t resist a drive by my favorite driveway.  Remember this photo from way back in the pre-snow months?

Well, here it is now.

Although that photo  is not “storytelling” I shift to the right and….

A *bit* closer to the concept. 

Looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts!