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Here’s To New Beginnings!



The theme of last year was “TRANSITIONS.”

The kids are growing so fast…The Boy is a first grader now, loving Legos, video games, baseball, and books. “Little” Girl is a seventh grader, a talented musician and a budding Thespian, a texting fiend and learning how to apply makeup.  (Yikes!) “Big” Girl has transitioned into a Young Lady.  She is learning to drive, exploring her independence, and testing her wings to prepare for the flight from the nest.  My kids are healthy and strong, funny and kind, smart and thoughtful, and exasperating at times! But what a wonderful year for them, and for us. 🙂

My husband has seen his job wind down to a close in 2013.  He worked as Director of IT, and celebrated his 17th Anniversary with the company on December 23rd, knowing that December 31st would be his last day.  The company will be closing in 2014.  He is unemployed at the moment, but will be doing consulting work for the time being.  We are blessed to have a severance package to lean on temporarily, so we are not panicking yet and he is looking forward to starting fresh with new opportunities…transitions galore!

In 2013, things took a drastic turn for me when I was elected to my district’s Board of Education.  It woke the teacher in me from it’s six year sleep, and I decided to go back to school to work on my Certificate of Advanced Study in Administration.  I stepped foot into a college classroom as a student for the first time in 16 years and loved it! Three credits down, 27 to go for my Building Leadership Degree, 8 additional if I want to pursue my District Leadership Degree. Time will tell.  The family has adjusted very well to having Mommy out of the house a bit more often in the evenings to attend various meetings and functions, and Mommy has adjusted very well to being out of the house a bit more!

Highlights of the year included a trip to Disney World in April.  We spent our vacation on property for the first time in a decade, and enjoyed every single minute of it!  I would say it was my favorite Disney trip in our family’s history.  We also took a trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts for a few days to see friends who own a beach cottage in Duxbury.  Such fun!!  And we took a local camping trip with three other families in August and had a blast!  We hated for it to end and can’t wait to do it again this August.  And I can’t fail to mention Zan’s purchase of a beautiful clearwater blue ’67 Mustang in pristine condition. 🙂

We had some family losses last year with the death of my Memiere and my Uncle, whose losses were felt sorely over the holidays.  However, softening those losses, was the sweet face of my new niece who was born on October 9th!  Our family is so blessed!

And finally, I have this saying written on a mirror in my bathroom, and it’s daily reminder has been an inspiration to me and has caused an internal transition to my Soul:

“Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear.”

May 2014 bless you all with goodness and light.


“My Life is Not My Own!”

A dear friend, in a moment of frustration facing some very real challenges, said this to me the other day.  And I was ready to chime right in, “Neither is mine!!”  This phrase has come to me again and again over the past several days, for example, when I’m trying to have a moment of privacy to use the bathroom and Mister is knocking for some urgent plea that can’t wait (in a five year old’s life, everything is urgent…to quote Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook: “WANT WANT WANT MINE MINE MINE NOW NOW NOW!!!”)

(Speaking of Captain Hook, have you seen the new beeeyooooteeeeful Captain Hook from Once Upon a Hottie Time…?)

What’d I tell ya? eh, eh?

Anyway.  *sigh*

OK, wait…what was I saying???

Oh, yes!!!  In the words of Captain Hook, “WANT WANT WANT MINE MINE MINE NOW NOW NOW!!!” This is the world of a five year old, and those of you who have ever lived with one of these creatures knows that your life is certainly not “your own” as long as this creature is near you.

Add in another child clamboring for attention and warm fuzzies, and a teenager who is beginning the necessary task of exercising her still fragile wings, and there isn’t a moment in which to think about your own life, let alone have one.  Something always needs doing, someone else’s needs are always above your own, and it is easy to fall into the pitiful refrain,  “My life is not my own!!!!!”

And yet….I have begun to think, is anyone’s?  My life IS my own because this is how I have chosen to spend it.  Maybe I didn’t realize I was signing up for a lifetime of servitude when I chose to raise a family, but I DID know it would mean my immediate wants and needs would take a back seat.

Think of the soldiers…their life is not their own.

Think of good parents…their life is not truly their own.

Think of the elderly in the nursing home…their life is not their own.

Think of the ill…their life is certainly not their own.

Think of those caring for aging parents, handicapped children, disabled spouses…not their own, not their own, not their own.

How dare I allow myself even one moment of “poor me?”

My life is not my own…and I am blessed that it isn’t.  For if it was truly “my own” it would be empty, lonely, meaningless.

Today, I thank God for the children who need me, the husband who keeps me, the house that needs constant care, and the ability to know the difference between sacrifice and fulfillment.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein  (Click)

The Honest Family

I really love this.

(Found on Etsy here.)

But I can’t help but think it would be a little self serving and a teeny weeny bit untrue if I posted this on my walls. Sure, it may be the family I would want people to see, but it’s not the family that is.

I had best print my own words….if I’m being honest, they would go something like this:

In this family,
We do messy (and Mom hates it.)
We do loud (and Mom hates that too.)
We do mad, angry, and frustrated.
We do yelling and sibling fights.
We do “Mom loses her nut.”
We do real.
We do laughter, and silly, and giggles, and fart jokes, and poop jokes, and burp jokes.
We do grumpy and happy and lazy and busy.
We do honesty.
We do love (tinged with a little hate now and then.)
We do stomping and door slamming.
We do games and movies.
We do together.
We do prayers.
We do forgiveness…
And it’s a good thing or somebody would be dead by now.

Now THAT’S family…anyone who tells you any differently is selling something. 🙂

The “Gift” of an Ordinary Monday

Truly, I’m trying to find it in me to be appreciative of this ordinary day, but it’s really hard when I woke up to this:

and this,

and this,

and this,

and this.

I don’t think there’s is a single clean surface in my house.

On the other hand, I suppose I could concentrate on being appreciative of the weekend that got me into this mess instead.  It was GLORIOUS, and not a stitch of housework got done.

The weather…perfection.

The installation of the new sandbox…pure joy (except for the sand on my floors and in my laundry.)

A Girl’s Night with my dear friend Anywho…more relaxation than I’ve had in a long time.

Zan home to share the weekend with us…total contentment.

And the kids getting along and happy…peace (and the daring hope that the summer vacation won’t be pure torture after all.)

So, I sacrifice a beautiful Monday slaving over my house, turning it back into the home I like, but in trade I got a weekend that I won’t soon forget.  Sounds like a fair trade to me.