A Phoenix Burning


Something to Get You Moving

Saw this yesterday while waiting for my daughter to try on jeans at American Eagle. I couldn’t help it…before I knew it I was wiggling and jiggling right along with him.  🙂  Enjoy!


Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog

Tonight, I share with you a piece of my crazy, fun family!  This is my Dad, my cousin Edward, and my “Uncles” Moe and Pete entertaining Mister.  This was too priceless to keep to myself.  🙂  Enjoy.

Dennis Quaid Wants Coffee!

So, normally the TV is not mine in the afternoons…there is nothing I care to watch, so Disney Channel or whatever Big Girl wants to watch is background noise to whatever I am doing.  However, yesterday while stuck on the couch with nothing to do but feel sorry for my poor pitiful sick self (I had the stomach bug for anyone not following my Twitter or Facebook) I found myself all alone watching Disney Channel.  Realizing that no one else was watching, I decided to flip channels and see what this wide world of cable had to offer.

I wound up on Ellen, and she was interviewing Dennis Quaid (who seems quite the darling I must say.)  Apparently the last time he was on, they pulled a prank on a local Starbucks and the short clip she shared was hilarious. I found the full version on YouTube, and if you haven’t yet seen it, it’s worth a watch.  🙂  We could all use a chuckle….Especially those of us who didn’t enjoy 72 degree weather today.  *ahem*  ;P

And of course, they pulled another prank yesterday…this time on a delivery guy.  Enjoy!

The One to Watch…

Okay, so this guy makes me giggle in an “is he for real?!” sort of way, but I think he’s going to go far.  He’s over the top….but I have to admit, I’m fascinated!  And man, does he have some pipes!!!!

No Christmas Season is Complete Without This Treat

A Tasty Dish

Storm Brewin’

Well, looks like the intestinal bug has hit my house…comparatively mild by virus standards, but here nonetheless. We’re also supposed to get hit with a whopper of a storm up here, so power may be iffy. (Thinking of you S.T. and hoping your flights aren’t affected.) Since it might be a bit quiet around here for a couple of days, I’ll leave you with this:

They finally got their PosterBoy!

David Does Rockefeller Center…Beautifully