The Post Just Bursting to Be Written???

So reads the third task for the Zero to Hero Challenge.

I have NO idea how to complete this one…I have no wise words to impart.  I have no exciting news to share.  I have no new photos to post.  Sooo….maybe I will go back to a couple of past posts that did just “burst” out of me.

Flying”- March 2008

“The Flower”-March 2008

“Curse of the Teletubby”-April 2008

“God Built Them That Way”-May 2008

“Some Photos Squeeze My Heart”-February 2009

“Life Themes”- May 2009

“Self”-October 2010

“In Which She Discovers 74 Explicit Songs on Her Daughter’s iPod”-February 2011

“Parenting Teenagers for Dummies”-February 2011

“Room 12”-February 2012

And here’s a new one…this one has been sitting around in draft form, unpublished for awhile:

Remember this girl?


Well, this girl is now a Junior in High School, a beautiful human being, heading God knows where, but it must be someplace really wonderful.  God didn’t create this beautiful soul for nothing.  I believe He has big plans for this one.  Only, this one has no idea what His plans are for her yet.

She is smart.

She is beautiful.

She is kind.

She is thoughtful.

She is a deep thinker.

And she trusts herself not at all.

She questions her path.

She questions her beliefs.

She questions her purpose.

She questions her intelligence.

She questions her beauty.

She feels “less.”

How do I make this girl see the beautiful soul that I see?

One thought on “The Post Just Bursting to Be Written???

  1. Clare Flourish January 5, 2014 / 12:00 pm

    She will. It just may take longer than you would like.

    And- Posting since 2007! Wow!

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