So this is the deep breath before the plunge as we wait with baited breath for a construction start date. As we wait, life goes on in it’s usual chaotic ordinary way. I’ve been doing more clean out….pulled two laundry baskets full of books out of our overloaded bookshelves to donate. In fact, the reorganization has left us with a very large nearly empty bookcase which may be repurposed elsewhere….or, more likely, will be filled up again with more acquisitions. (This family loves its books, even with the Kindles floating around on end tables.) I happened to be flipping through some of the books, and in the back of one was written the following. I found myself quite pensive after reading it, and so will share it with you to do with what you will.


Can’t write that on the back cover of a Kindle. A bit sad that these histories and treasures will be lost to the digital age.

Had our first thunderstorms of he season the other night, after which followed the most beautiful sunset. My iPhone captured the moment.


End of the year “stuff” has been happening…conferences and trips and concerts, oh my! Seems like there’s something going on every night between the usual baseball games and music lessons. Our school year won’t end until the third week of June, but the special events just keep coming! Truly enjoying every last one.

That is that for now…I still owe you a Perigee Moon post…and a few others are rattling round in my cage…like the one about a term I came across recently…”the Proverbs 31 Wife” and another about storms making us appreciate the calm all the more, and another about blessings within ordinary days, and another about all the things I WON’T miss when they rip out my old bathroom……and wait till you see the lights I just ordered for my hallways! Oolala!!!! But since I’m sitting at the Y while my daughter has her gymnastics class and I’m posting from my iPhone, those posts will have to wait.
I will leave you with the quote that just finished off my freshly painted kitchen walls:
“May the Blessings of light be upon you, Light without and light within. And in all your comings and goings.”

One thought on “Tidbits

  1. milkayphoto May 20, 2012 / 10:25 am

    Pensive, thought-provoking words, indeed. Unfortunately, death doesn’t always arrive to ease the pain…some suffer long and others, well, die way to soon while either in their prime or even, before they peak. It is not ours to choose.

    Exciting days for you ahead!

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