A Phoenix Burning

Beautiful Black

I don’t know about in your house, but in my house, this means trouble:

These spread innocently on the table are enough to strike fear in the core of any husband.  Mister asked me this morning, “Are adults afraid of things too?” I said, “Of course they are Honey.  Mommy is afraid of spiders, and Daddy is afraid of paint swatches.”  Okay, maybe I’m making that second half up, but if I HAD said that it would’ve been true: paint swatches mean a whole lotta work and aggravation for my dear husband. 🙂

But wait till you see what I’ve been dreaming up over here!

Let’s take a look at my staircase.

That horrid carpet has been there since we moved in.  The entire house, minus the bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen, was carpeted with this ugly fuschia wall to wall monstrosity.  We tore ALL of it up several years ago, exposing the oak floors underneath.  The only piece we left was the staircase.  Having little ones, we decided carpet was a good idea (for cushioning potential falls) and we weren’t ready to spend money to recarpet them.  So there the staircase has sat neglected and ignored…until now!!!

I’ve been spending lots of time on home and renovation idea websites lately, and look what I came across:

Photo courtesy http://www.houzz.com (Rachel Reider Interiors)

Photo courtesy http://www.houzz.com (Stacey Jacobi Interiors)

Photo courtesy of http://www.houzz.com (SchappacherWhite Ltd.)

I am suddenly completely, obsessively in love with the look of the black banister, rail, and stairs.  I WANT IT! I’ve even gone so far as thinking about painting my hardwood floor in the entry way in a black and white checkerboard pattern, but apparently the going opinion is that painting a perfectly good (albeit in need of refinishing) hardwood floor is a sin of the Mortal kind, so I won’t go there.  But don’tcha think it’s beeeeeeyoooooooteeeeeful?!

And while we’re sprucing up the heart of the home, let’s look at what else needs a little attention:

That bookcase has got to go. It’s just not working for me there anymore.  We’re thinking of creating a built-in to hold the kids coats, shoes, bookbags, etc. but that’s a whole other post. Or maybe I’ll dream up something else for that wall. You never know!

Stay tuned to see what trouble I get myself into.  After all, there’s something about these photos that speaks to me…black moldings anyone?

Photo Courtesy http://www.houzz.com (Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.)



Photo Courtesy http://www.decorpad.com (Jessica Helgerson-Design Sponge)


5 responses

  1. I can see the spindles and the bottom of the newel post being painted in black. But, if it were me, I’d keep the railing itself and the top of the newel post in the wood. Lovely patina. If you tied this in with a traditional patterned runner in bblack that could be gorgeous and classic.

    As far as painting ‘perfectly good wood floors’…yeah, I subscribe to that too. You could always buy a black & white checkerboard runner.

    I’m mopre of a traditionalist when it comes to trim. I like them to either be painted white (or cream) or else stained wood. I think going so dramatic really limits a room. And, if you’ve never stripped all the woodwork in a room, it is a chore! Been there, done that. 😉

    March 9, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    • Ugh! To stripping woodwork! We had big plans when we moved in to strip down everything that was painted, but gave that idea up after barely getting started. White it is, except the kitchen which was left alone, thank goodness. I really do hesitate to use paint wherever it hasn’t been painted before.
      Gotta run! Off to Lowes. 😉

      March 10, 2012 at 1:29 pm

  2. Hey l like the update to your blog theme. Nice to see a new look. Is that a custom header? I might be in need of a change too.
    Funny how the need for change spreads to the blog from the house, huh? I think I’d agree that painting the hardwood wouldn’t be the best move. Maybe you could find an area rug for near the base of the stairs that mimics your idea?
    It is true that paint swatches strike fear in the hearts of husbands! We repainted the kitchen last spring, and now I want a new kitchen floor. Maybe the fear comes from “what’s next?” when we start with the paint!

    March 10, 2012 at 9:43 am

    • Thanks Karma! Thought it was time to brighten things up a bit. 🙂

      And Zan claims, “You don’t scare me!” but I know better! LOL

      March 10, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    • Oh, and yes, the header is custom…I’ve kept the same theme, just went with the “light” rather than the “dark” it was before. All my headers have been from my own photos.

      March 10, 2012 at 3:40 pm

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