A Phoenix Burning

Wheat Wheat Everywhere

So in my quest to figure out what the heck is wrong with me that this accursed nerve can’t heal, I’m now attempting to track down some possible causes of this constant inflammation that is keeping this nerve root hot.

A good friend suggested I read up on wheat and dairy allergies which can be major culprits. As I started reading, it came flooding back to me….I am allergic to wheat. It was discovered when I was 12 and undergoing allergy testing. Wheat, tomatoes, chocolate, and a fourth…I don’t recall what it was. I had terrible reactions to chocolate as a young girl, so that one was obvious. In fact I didn’t eat any chocolate for a year, and although I love it more than life itself (okay maybe not *that* much) I still limit my intake. For example, I can’t eat a candy bar, but I can have a Hershey’s mini…I can have one brownie in a day, not the pan I’d like to devour. I cannot keep chocolate covered Oreos in the house or I am in trouble, because I have no control around them…a good sit-down with those lead to migraines, wheezing, or both. However, I had never had an obvious reaction to wheat or tomatoes, so I ignored that little positive test all my life, forgetting it in time…until now. A major flare on Monday and my recollection of this allergy test had me thinking about the amazing Bruschetta I had on Saturday, followed by the huge platter of Penne in a Vodka pink sauce…not to mention the baked goods on Sunday morning from my favorite bakery…or the subs we had for dinner Sunday night. Although I don’t believe giving up wheat and tomatoes for a month will solve the entire problem, I figure it can’t hurt…how hard can it be?

So Wednesday morning was my last dose of wheat. At least it was a good one…Rosemary toast from my favorite breakfast place. And then came Thursday…and now today.

Two days in and it’s already HARD!! See, I’m a skinny thing…I’m French…Bread and cheese? Are there any other food groups? I really didn’t realize how much wheat I eat….here is a list of the things I’ve reached for and had to stop myself from eating just in the past two and a half days:

English Muffins
Wheat germ in my yogurt
Warm buttered roll
Nutri-grain bar
Ritz crackers
More Pasta

I was so excited to realize today that Tostitos were CORN chips, that I pulled out a handful to have with my favorite salsa that we bought from a specialty store over the weekend, and then realized salsa is made from TOMATOES!!! Geesh!

This is going to be much harder than I thought. *sigh*

I just hope it’s worth it…time will tell!


5 responses

  1. Oh dear! I hope this ends up being a fix for you – I had a little taste of the gluten free life at the food blogger event I attended with my sister this summer, and I was really not impressed. Sure there are many wonderful gluten-free foods in the world, but so many favorites are not! Best of luck to you.

    September 17, 2011 at 7:47 am

    • I delved into this territory briefly awhile back for Mister when he was going through some allergy testing, and had a few successes…but I was very glad when it turned out we didn’t have to live gluten/wheat free after all…it will be easier for me than it would have been for him though, since the boy didn’t eat fruits, veggies, or meat! LOL

      September 17, 2011 at 2:29 pm

  2. I’m a bread and cheese girl myself–oh yeah, preferably with thick slices of tomato–so I know how hard it must be. Herewith, in the spirit of encouragement, a list of my favorite non-wheat, non-tomato treats:

    Sesame rice crackers dipped in or topped with:
    Whitefish pate or
    Grilled salmon or
    Avocado chunks with a touch of balsamic vinegar

    Black bean and corn salsa, hold the tomatoes but splash out on cumin, fresh cilantro, diced hot and sweet peppers, and cholula sauce

    Red beans and rice–not the packaged stuff with too much salt but the real deal. It’s easy and there are a gazillion different recipes out there. I, um, have that with Sonny’s sausages.

    OK, I have to stop now and go buy sausages.

    September 17, 2011 at 10:11 am

    • OK…I have to grocery shop later today. Ingredients to make your salsa are going on my list immediately. 🙂 Thank you so much for all your wonderful suggestions Gerry!

      You know, I can’t help but wonder if some changes are already taking place…I have been eating SO healthy the past few days, that I decided to splurge and treat myself to a milkshake today. Two sips, and I couldn’t drink it. It literally turned my stomach…but the salad and fruit and nuts I had immediately after went down just fine. Hmmmmmmm….

      September 17, 2011 at 2:26 pm

  3. If it helps, have a tomato free salsa recipe here:

    Experts say it takes 6 weeks to truly form a habit, so if you tell yourself that you are only going to do this for 6 weeks (a) it might make things easier to get your head around and (b) by the end of 6 weeks you might miss the old habits far less and have found some really good replacement goodies to distract you from the wheat stuff.

    I had to do an elimination diet for allergies some years back because my asthma was out of control for no definable reason and needed to tell myself that I was “only on this strict diet for TODAY” (tomorrow never comes of course) but it DID help me a lot when I was on a mega restricted diet and I constantly craved the stuff I *wasn’t* allowed.

    It’s not easy but you CAN do it and it WILL be worth it!

    September 19, 2011 at 2:48 pm

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