A Phoenix Burning

Uncommon Grounds

Quite some time ago, I wrote this post about living in Saratoga Springs, NY in the early days of our marriage.  I happened to mention the cafe that I “lived” in while we were there.  It’s name is Uncommon Grounds.  Back 18 or so years ago, coffee houses (cafes) weren’t nearly as prevalent as they are now.  We hadn’t heard of Starbucks (were they around somewhere?) and it was truly a novelty for us 20 somethings to have a place to go where we could sit, drink REALLLLLLY good coffee, eat divine desserts, and chat an evening (or an afternoon…or a morning…) away.

It was a place to go during the summer when I was working on my Masters Degree…I’d claim a table on the sidewalk patio (no easy feat,) and drink iced lattes and do my homework.  Even with the passing crowds, I was able to concentrate on my work, escaping into my head while still being out amongst people.  I hated the isolation of my apartment during those long summer days and this place was my escape.

It was the place to walk to every night after dinner….a destination we newlyweds loved and could take advantage of with only $2.50 in our pockets.  Late night walks always ended with a stop at the cafe (back when I could drink caffeinated coffee at 11:00pm and still sleep!)

It was the place to go with friends, board game in hand on a Friday or Saturday night….long hours were spent drinking cup after cup and the gigantic dictionary in the corner was the perfect reference for those challenging games of Scrabble.

The owner worked the counter back in those days, along with a few staff.  Their menu was limited to coffees, teas, and a variety of desserts–cheesecake and the like.  The coffee was roasted in-house in a gorgeous roasting vat, and I could have drowned in the smell it created.  *sigh*  Slowly, it grew, adding bagels and then breakfast sandwiches to the offerings.  Eventually we saw the owner less and less and the staff grew and grew, and much to our suprise a couple of years ago we were delighted to see (during an impromptu visit) that they had expanded into the next storefront, doubling their size and adding some much needed seating.  Through all the growth and expansion, they have always maintained the quality coffee that made us fall in love with them way back when.  Other cafes have come and gone, but none compare to Uncommon Grounds.

I share all this with you because I was so excited to see that they have a new website!  Not only is there a new blog, but there is also an online store where you can have Uncommon Grounds coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep!!!   Seriously, THE best coffee I’ve ever tasted…do yourself a favor and give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed.  🙂  You’ll find the links over there———————————————————————–>

Now I’m off to order some Italian Roast.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


One response

  1. morningjoy

    Oh, Kanniduba, I’m so sorry. I’ve been too long away from the blogsphere and missed your predicament. Having endured back problems in the past, I understand what you’ve experienced and am so glad that you are healing.
    It’s been a joy to peruse your posts that I missed. I promise not to neglect my Half an Hour visits.
    Your Uncommon Grounds refuge sounds like the perfect place to pull up a chair and sip a flavorful cup of Joe. I’ll check out their website. Meanwhile, please take care of yourself.

    March 4, 2010 at 1:20 pm

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