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Happy Thanksgiving (albeit a few days late!)

Happy Thanksgiving my Friends!

I hope you all enjoyed a fulfilling holiday, both in body and soul.

Our family enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with Zan’s family, and have had a great extended visit with his sister’s family who have been here since Wednesday.  (They will be leaving today.)  The only bummer of the week has been a “who knows what?” infection that took my voice and requires an antibiotic and Robitussin with Codeine to control the cough at night.  Fortunately (and quite miraculously) I feel much better than I sound and it hasn’t slowed me down *too* much.  I haven’t had a voice since it left after Thanksgiving dinner.  Extremely frustrating, especially for someone like me who loves to talk!  LOL 

Some highlights of the week:

  • Zan took Little Girl to NYC for a Daddy/Daughter American Girl Place Day on Tuesday.  Not only did they “lunch” and shop at the American Girl store, but they also went to Rockefeller Center and Zan’s office, and ended the day at Carlos’ Bakery, bringing home boxes galore of goodies, and a photo of Little Girl with Buddy himself!  Talk about making memories!
  • Sister-in-Law and I took the teenage daughters and nieces to see New Moon on Friday night….the squeals of delight coming out of the 17 year old were hilarious!!  On a personal note, I looked down the full row of girls at one point and was so overwhelmed by the fact that our babies are all so beautiful and grown-up, and such a pleasure to be with.  It seems like yesterday that they were fighting over dolls, in tears over one thing or another, cranky and overtired during the holidays, and that we played referee more than we enjoyed visiting.  And to see them all, leaning shoulder to shoulder, whispering and giggling together, enjoying each other, was good for the soul.
  • Zan got “his” basement cleaned out! I call it “his” because he actually likes it down there!  I HATE it down there and if it weren’t for the fact that my washer and dryer live in that crypt, I would never see it.  (The house is 112 years old, so imagine how creepy it is….okay, maybe I exaggerate a little…it is well-lit, and dry, and as clean as a 112 year old basement can be…but still…..ick.)  So, tons of items for donations were trucked to Salvation Army over the past couple of weeks, and while we had the manpower this week, truckloads of metals, cardboard, and garbage were hauled to the recycling/waste center, and storage shelves were moved around.  It is a huge weight off Zan’s already overburdened shoulders.
  • Food galore—Thanksgiving dinner with all the “fixins,” leftovers, a spaghetti and meatball dinner, a ham and homebaked mac and cheese dinner…..all comfort foods all the time!
  • And the best for last—-numerous cups of tea and coffee enjoyed in pajamas while catching up on all the news….

I don’t even want to think about the next holiday yet.  I just want to savor this one a bit longer.


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  1. My laundry facilities are on the first level – stacked. My cellar (I won’t glorify it with the word basement) has areas that are 132 years old. It is gross and scary. I still go down there sometimes but just to check water heater or boiler. Yuck. In the summertime we find snakes down there. That will WAKE YOU UP.

    December 15, 2009 at 3:03 pm

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