A Phoenix Burning

Burning Sky

The sky has been putting on quite a show the last few nights.


Now this version….

…reflects the mood of my house the past few days.

Big Girl is testy and mouthy, Little Girl is moody and whiney, Mister is grumpy and bratty, Zan is Zan….generally even- tempered but subtly aggravating as always which is maddening, and then there’s me, whose head is ready to spin around like the Exorcist at the slightest irritation.  I feel the Fight or Flight chemicals coursing through my veins….

I’m not sure why. 

Maybe it’s the result of working around and through sick kids over the past month…maybe it’s the fact that we have had too many obligations on the weekends…maybe it’s the lack of a family vacation in too many months (we thrive on vacations)…maybe it’s the impending holiday chaos that seems to have come too soon this year…..

Maybe we’re just all tired and cranky.  Who knows? 

But what I DO know is that if we’re all crabby and moody NOW, what’s it going to be like once January and February comes around?  *shivers*in*fear*


3 responses

  1. karma

    Maybe it’ll be better when the stress of the holidays is gone? Doesn’t it suck that the holidays have turned us to to this? I’d like to relax and enjoy them, but instead I worry about the money I have to spend and pleasing divorced parents. Last year I had the added stress of my dog getting sprayed by a skunk one week before Christmas – and I host the family dinner! I spent that whole last week finding ways to deodorize the whole house and dog, including 3 “skunk-off” baths and a grooming at Petco!

    November 15, 2009 at 11:29 am

    • Oh, no!!! lol
      Nasty, eh?

      You know, I can’t really pin it on the holidays, but I do wonder. I usually love the holiday season, and we always focus on what matters. However, I feel like this season just shouldn’t be here yet—I feel like last winter was this long, drawn out hellacious one, and then we had a too short summer, a rainy, dull fall, and now here it is again, winter and holidays, when I’m not over last winter yet.
      Ah, well, then I feel guilty for whining, because I know too many people who are facing this holiday season with fresh and painful loss. And I’m just not ready for cold and busy-ness? How pathetic is that?!
      Okay, so I’m off to find a better attitude. 🙂

      November 15, 2009 at 11:57 am

      • karma

        I guess I’m pathetic with you! I’ll do my best to remember the old adage “It could always be worse.”

        November 15, 2009 at 2:18 pm

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