A Phoenix Burning

Photographical Moments Dissolve into Snapshots…

Anyone else feel they are taking a lot of “snapshots” this summer, but not a whole lot of “photographs?”  I know I am frustrated looking at my photos from the past month or two.  It seems as though summer events such as reunions, and beach days, and backyard barbecues lend themselves to the obligatory “plain’ol” shots of people, and I tend to forget my skills.  My focusing ability has been off more than it’s on, and since I’ve also been distracted keeping track of Mister at all these gatherings, I have fallen back on Aperture Priority and even “Auto” more often in the last month than I did in the prior six.  Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that, but I don’t like the quality of the colors quite as much on those settings.  I feel like I’ve forgotten everything I worked hard to learn!  Ugh.  Frustrating!

I have to recommit myself to learning the art.  I’ve gotten lazy.  Ah, well…maybe not so much lazy, as distracted.  Hoping I’m not alone in my standstill.

In any case, there are a couple of photos I kinda like.  The first is of a little visitor we had on our deck a few nights ago.  Very cute in an ugly sort of way!

And this was taken during a birthday party we attended over the weekend.

And lastly, taken at my nephew’s Eagle Scout Ceremony.

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer!


One response

  1. karma

    I suppose my photo-taking is also on summer break. I’m still taking photos, but as you say, they are mostly snapshots. I don’t know about in your part of the northeast, but here in western MA, it barely feels like summer. We’ve had precious few really nice days. I think that may be contributing to the photography doldrums.

    July 22, 2009 at 8:58 am

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