A Phoenix Burning


So, we were away over the weekend and had a lovely time with family.  But apparently the basement freezer door didn’t catch and close all the way, so while we were gone the freezer contents had a heyday thawing themselves out,  turning brown, and dripping meat juices everywhere.  I am so disgusted I could vomit.  Of course, did this happen when the freezer was in need of re-stocking????  NOOOO. ..it has to happen four days after a 300 dollar trip to BJ’s in which I splurged for the first time in over a year on 10 pounds of NY strip steak for the grill.  Insult to injury.

So all told I lost:

9 lbs of NY strip steak

two roaster chickens

10 lbs of ground beef

7 lbs of chicken breasts

6 lbs of chicken parts

4-4lb bags of frozen veggies

6 containers of homemade soups

a case of freezer pops

a box of lava cakes

and one box of ice cream

But as luck would have it, I was able to salvage two boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mints.



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