A Phoenix Burning

The Last Week of School!

So, this is the last week of school in these here parts.  Big Girl has three mornings of exams, and Little Girl has four half days and then it’s OVER!!   I look forward to the company, but I don’t look forward to the daily bickering that is sure to start within the first hour of the morning on Friday.  With a thought to keep them both a bit busy and focused (hopefully limiting the amount of bickering that will take place)  both girls sat with their Dad tonight and set their summer goals.  Not to worry…(lest you think we are meanies) along with reading goals and the “new experience” thing or two, there are goals such as “camping in the backyard” and “day trip to NYC with Daddy.”  🙂  The list is great because it helps us avoid that intolerable “I’m boooooored” comment.  “Pull out your list” is all we need to say when they are looking for something to do, or when I need them separated.  Magic!

I am most excited for Big Girl.  She needs a break from all the social drama that has been sixth grade.  This first year of Middle School has been as challenging as I worried it would be, but she survived (and so did we!)  Little Girl’s transition won’t be quite so easy.  She loves school and always has a hard time saying goodbye to her teacher and her friends.  To make matters worse, her best little friend is leaving for Japan on Thursday to visit family and won’t return until the third week in August.  She’s feeling a bit sad.

Personally, I’m finding it a bit difficult not having a summer vacation destination to look forward to, but we will be attempting a couple of camping excursions-the first one since Mister was born.  Boy, have I missed eating Hobo Pies!!!!  Yummmmmm!

So, the days of freedom begin…slower mornings, lazy afternoons, days spent at the beach, visiting friends, playing outside until after dark.  I think the whole world should shut down for summer vacation.  It would be a much happier place.  (Okay, and I know that isn’t practical…just humor me for a bit.)


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