A Phoenix Burning


My friend Anywho and I had a FABULOUS time!  We ate lunch, we shopped, we enjoyed iced lattes on a sidewalk bench, we shopped some more.  We spent a bunch of time wandering the bookstore…we browsed the wine shops.  We enjoyed a yummy relaxing late dinner at Lillian’s Restaurant, picked up some cheesecake slices from Uncommon Grounds (THE best coffee shop on the planet by the way,) and then retired to the lovely Saratoga Arms to drink wine, read gossip magazines, chat, and half-watch Twilight.  Ahhhhh….SUCH a relaxing day. 

I’m a new woman!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mommy friends out there!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

And the only decent photo of the event…was too busy having fun to lug my camera around.  (Sorry!)


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