A Phoenix Burning

Be Careful What You Wish For

So, my dryer is not only “helpful” but stubborn.  Apparently it didn’t like my little rant from the other day.  Try as Zan might, it refused to be fixed.  So I’ve been without a dryer for a week and a half, begging time for a load here and there from Dear Neighbor, and now that it’s all back together, it has the same problem.  Burning electrical smells make me a *tad* nervous, so I put my foot down and told Zan to give up.  I won’t use it ever again, whether he fixes it **more** or not. 

Soooo….now I have a dilemma.  I have to buy a new one.  The set is 11 years old, therefore I know the washer has only so much left to give.  I could buy a relatively inexpensive dryer.  However, as you already know, an extra super duper capacity set would make my life much easier.  But, is it a necessity???  No, of course not.  The idea of shoveling out $2000 two weeks after paying a crap-load in taxes, and two weeks before the orthodontist needs a $1000 deposit on Big Girl’s braces is crushingly depressing. 

But there’s that temptation…2 and a half loads at a time for the next decade.  *sigh*  Yes, these are the things I dream about.  Pathetic, isn’t it?


2 responses

  1. Wow…have buckets, boards and strings gone up that much?

    April 29, 2009 at 6:24 pm

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