A Phoenix Burning

Well, It Finally Happened

Mister fell out of his crib.  yesterday morning.  and I was too traumatized to talk about it yesterday.  Today is a new day.  and he is fine.  so I am fine.

So, he wakes up yesterday morning at 5:20am.  He was still tired and cranky, so after a change and some milk I put him back to bed.  Usually he’ll fall back to sleep easily if he’s all yawny before 6:00am.  Not that morning.  While I was too distracted by morning chores to watch the monitor, he manages to somehow get over the side.  All I know is that I heard this tremendous BOOOOOM followed by screams to wake the dead.  My darling Little Girl breaks into matching screams, “OHMYGODISHEOKAYISHEOKAYISHEOKAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!”  My darling Big Girl starts screaming at little sister to be quiet, and I go running up the stairs three at a time praying through blind panic.  To make a long terrible story short, he was mostly fine.  He somehow cut and bruised his chin, so that was bleeding all over, but it looked much worse than it really was.  My real concern was that he was holding his neck and chest at first, but even that proved to be nothing.  He was very pathetic yesterday, whining and whimpering every time he remembered his boo-boo.  But all is right with the world today.  He is back to himself, and I know for sure his injuries are superficial, so with the dawn comes relief.  I *think* he learned a valuable lesson and don’t expect he’ll try his little trick again any time soon.  He kept pointing to his crib rail and saying, “Bang, ouch, no-no, bang, no-no.”  But you can be sure I’ll be watching that monitor like a hawk from now on. 

Boy this parenting thing is hard work.


3 responses

  1. So glad everyone is OK!
    Melissa fell out of the crib, too… can’t remember how old she was. Sara was about 18 months when we converted the crib to toddler bed because she was (is!!!) a climber!!

    March 27, 2009 at 3:21 pm

  2. dalia

    Glad to hear he is ok!! One of mine fell out…can’t even remember which one…LOL. I bet most parents could say this happened to them.

    March 30, 2009 at 8:36 pm

  3. renae

    I think I was holding my breath while reading most of this post. I’m so happy to hear Little Dude is alright. I know I’m pushing it with keeping my own Little Dude in his crib at 2 1/2. Thanks for sharing your story. This makes me rethink moving him into the big boy bed a little earlier than planned.

    April 8, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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