A Phoenix Burning

The February Break Curse

It’s the last day of the girls’ February Break, so hopefully we’re coming to the end of the duration of the February Break Curse.  Every single solitary February Break since my first daughter was born eleven years ago, someone (if not everyone) in our family has been sick for at least half of the week.  We have NEVER planned a trip during this break because of The Curse.  And it’s never a “little” sick, like an annoying cold.  It’s always something major, like pneumonia, strep, croup, flu, or stomach bugs. 

As you know, this week the stomach bug found Mister.  I can hardly believe our good fortune that he’s been the only one affected so far.  He’s still struggling, but he’s still drinking so we’re feeling lucky…a bit skinnier than usual, but that’ll turn around once he starts eating something more than animal crackers—then  he’ll go back to his normal underweight skinny!  lol

But I did escape the house last evening, hoping to complete this week’s photography assignment.  I headed to the lake, thinking that sunset on the mountains would be a worthy subject.  I failed completing my homework miserably.  However, I happened upon a wonderful scene!  Four hot air balloons inflating at dusk out on the frozen lake, and snowmobiles by the dozens converging on the scene.  Seeing all the little lights from the snowmobiles miles out on the lake was truly surreal at sunset.  I ran out on the lake and with my handheld camera (darnit–I left my tripod in the car) I captured a few photos of the scene.  

Pretty neat!  I think the girls were upset that they had chosen warmth and Toontown over going with me on my photograhy adventure.  🙂

One more photo to share…before discovering the balloon scene, I saw this darkened window at an antique store.  I loved the reflection of the boat in the window, and the look of all those oil lamps. 


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