A Phoenix Burning

Those Were the Days

So today, I was in the kitchen actually cooking…(haven’t done much of that lately) and flipped through some channels looking for some mindless background noise.  I came across the Retro channel, and what was on?!  None other than my second favorite show of all time, EMERGENCY!  🙂  (Just in case you’re wondering, Little House holds the number 1 slot.  Now don’t tease!  Anything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned Watching Little House.)  It was the one (for any other Emergency fan out there) where the guy gets some explosive thingy stuck in his abdomen and Dr. Kelly Brackett has to come on the scene and perform surgery on the lawn in the middle of a whole bunch of standing mattresses.  So Big Girl comes in to see what this show is all about…I’m standing at the ready to tell her, “LOOK AWAY!” when the really bloody parts start…after all, they’re digging explosives out of the guys gut.  And what happens???  NOTHING…Nada…the whole bloody mess is hidden by doctors and nurses, and the tension is built with cheezy 70’s background music.  Even when Dr. Brackett pulls his hands out of the guys belly, not a speck of blood is on the gloves!  AMAZING! 

I cannot believe that we’ve become so accepting of and accustomed to blood, guts, and violence.  I can’t even let my children watch commercials without my fingers on the power button for fear of them seeing gore, violence, or raunchy sex.  And how about those pharmaceutical commercials??  Talk about a squirm-fest.  Interestingly enough, Big Girl felt gypped.  She says, “HEY!  There isn’t even blood on the gloves!!  Geez…that’s not fair!  I wanna see the surgery.”  Yes, MY child said that.  Ah, well.  We do the best we can, and pray that God fixes the rest. 

A show like “Emergency!” wouldn’t last two weeks in this day and age…and neither would Little House on the Prairie while we’re on the subject.  Hell, it wouldn’t even make it past the first script reading.  How sad. 

Okay, and because I just couldn’t NOT…..

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, “Where are they now?”




2 responses

  1. Emergency! was on of my favorites. Good old Squad 51 and those zany firefighters of Engine 51. I wonder with all the successful hospital/medical drams, they might think to bring this one back. Hey, they brought Knight Rider back. 🙂

    February 11, 2009 at 10:59 am

    • Hey, you never know! I would love to see that one resurrected. You can be sure it would be a whole lot bloodier than the original though! lol

      February 11, 2009 at 12:51 pm

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