A Phoenix Burning

Fevers and Heat Waves

Well, last week was a bit of a struggle as our family dealt with three colds, one tooth abscess, and one stomach bug (so far.)  We’re holding our breaths and crossing our fingers that we don’t add strep to the list…Big Girl spent the night at Neighbor’s on Friday, only to wake up in the morning to find Neighbor Girl crying with a splitting headache and a 103 fever…a quick trip to the doctor confirmed strep.  And yes, of course they slept in the same room.  Ah, well, what’re you gonna do?

So when Sunday came along, and we were stuck at home with the stomach bug girl on a gorgeous 44 degree day, there was nothing to do but open all the windows, air out the fungafunga, and wash bedding and bathrooms.  Zan kept going behind me closing doors and windows, and I would go back and open them up!  It smelled SO fresh!!!!  Ahhhhh….chilly, but bliss!  AND we took Shrew’s advice, chipped the grill out of the deck ice, and fired it up!  Those steaks were divine!!! 

As of today we all seem to be on the mend, (for now) and things are back to normal and below freezing.  One of my photo assignments for this week is “flowers in the rain.”  Might be a *bit* of a challenge!  And Mister’s second birthday is on Thursday.  I have my rose colored goggles of optimism on, and just know that as of Thursday he will start sleeping through the night consistently, will eat anything I put in front of him, and
will stop pushing all the buttons on the DVD player…(please just let me have my little fantasy.)  🙂


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