Toontown Took My Family

Super Zippy Google Doodle, Little Pinky Lemon Chomp, and Miss Pearl Fuzzy Pop have gotten lost in the land of Toontown, yet again.  We are entering our third straight weekend of obsessive compulsive Toontown playing.  They rediscovered the game after taking a year and a half long hiatus.  When Mister was born nearly two years ago, it was a fabulous distraction through that winter of houseboundness while I was on bedrest, and later caring for a newborn in the midst of winter.  They overplayed it then, and the novelty wore off eventually.  But I grew to hate Toontown as spring arrived.  “Set limits!” you say?   Try telling that to Super Zippy Google Doodle, the ringleader of the Toons!  *sigh*  Thank goodness we have a basketball game and Super Bowl this weekend…I have hopes that we will all see the light of day.

(MGF…whatever you do, DON”T let your squirts find out about this one!!!)  😉

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