A Phoenix Burning

Bridge Over Troubled Waters…

I have always hated this bridge.

I have an irrational fear of going over this bridge.  When I was a little girl, I would crouch in the backseat, eyes closed, fingers dug as deep inside my ears as they could go so I couldn’t hear the “whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” sound of the tires on the grates.  It isn’t a bridge we went over often when I was little, and it quite surprised me when I became an adult driver, and drove over it the first time.  The minute I drove onto it and I heard the “whirrrrrrrrr” of the tires, the panic welled up inside me.  “This is that bridge!”  I realized.  For five years it stood in the middle of the route from our apartment to Zan’s parents’ house, so I had to conquer my fear and drive over it on many occasions.  Now, I traverse it only occasionally, but find I still must take a deep breath and pause a moment in prayer before allowing myself to proceed. 

Over the weekend, on my little Photo Ride with Mister (you know the one…I photographed the osprey (?) nest then…) I came across a very similar bridge which crossed the canal.  This one was even narrower, and steeply humped.  I didn’t feel the fear though.  I actually stopped in the middle of it and shot this photo of it’s twin a bit further upwater. 

This begs the question, “What is it about that bridge?”  I don’t have a problem with all bridges, so why does that one bring me back to my childhood, hunched terrified in the backseat?  I haven’t got a clue.  Just one of those things…is there a psychologist in the house who could answer that question?  Feel free to post your psychiatric analysis in the comments.  (Fake analysis welcome.)  🙂


3 responses

  1. Ah…localized infantile gephyrophobia. Very interesting.

    January 29, 2009 at 7:19 pm

  2. It is because your dad drives like a crazy person. You fear his driving not the silly bridge. You know what they say. “No one can mess up a litte girl for life like her daddy.” I aught to know as the proud father of two soon to be totally mess up little girls.

    January 29, 2009 at 8:47 pm

  3. I hate bridges, but only if they’re over water. Bridges crossing a highway, for instance, don’t bother me. But if I have to drive over one…it’s scary. Not sure where the fear came from. How interesting that it’s only this one bridge that bothers you.

    Maybe you heard something when you were small, maybe an argument, or something scary on the radio when you were on that bridge. The brain does weird things.

    January 30, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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