A Phoenix Burning

The Tuesday Before the Tuesday Before Christmas

So, more snow is predicted.  We are right on the border….4-8 inches, or 6-12 inches…it’s a toss-up as most storms are here.  Thank goodness Zan is due home tonight.  I am VERY inept at using the snowblower, and even more inept with the shovel.  I’m sure Neighbor Man is glad Zan is coming home too…one family is enough to take care of!  Even more glad that Zan’s coming home since we’re all beginning to wilt a little in his absence.  He’s been away since last Wednesday, and for us that’s a long separation. 

I have so much to do besides!  I keep adding new projects when the original projects aren’t finished.  That quilt is only about 1/3 pieced, I have more ornaments to make…now I’ve added candy making, cookie baking, and pillow making to the list.  Have the supplies…now I just need some free time. 

On the bright side, I did take the time to test out a homemade peanut butter cup recipe yesterday…oh, my yummy!!!  Are they wonderful!!!  They are for gifts, but the girls and I have already eaten half a dozen of the three dozen I made.  Looks like I’d better make another batch!

Shopping isn’t finished, and wrapping hasn’t begun, but I know it will all get finished….if we keep our power.  🙂  How is Renae faring?


2 responses

  1. renae

    We lost power for three days, but there are still many without power in our town so we are VERY lucky. And still no school either. We have some significant tree damage (I’ll send a photo invite to The Shrew Crew). It was a major inconvenience to be without power, throw away a refrigerator full of food, and have to leave our home for the whole weekend (especially when there is so much to do at this time of year). BUT we have no right whatsoever to complain since we are all OK. Those trees could have easily split our house in two and we are extremely fortunate that all we have to clean up is the yard. We’re also lucky to have lots of grandparents within driving distance to put us up all weekend at such short notice! :o)

    December 16, 2008 at 12:56 pm

  2. Thanks for checking in with us Renae! Glad to hear you are all okay, and that your power is back on. The girls and I have included those without power on our prayer lists every night. 🙂

    December 16, 2008 at 1:14 pm

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