A Phoenix Burning

Wow, That Was Fast

Thanksgiving came and went in a blink.  I feel like the woman who stands on the Subway platform, patiently awaiting the train, preparing to board, when all of a sudden *WHOOSH*!!  The train speeds by, blowing her hair and rustling her skirts, and is instantly gone, leaving her standing there wondering, “Why didn’t it stop for me?” 

I think having a sick Mister was a distraction.  Although he did well, when he cried for me, I felt I had to drop everything to tend to his needs.  Of course the loudest, most gut-wrenching crying came when I was mashing the potatoes and Zan was carving the turkey, and the other ten dishes needed to be brought to the serving counter.  Murphy’s Law!  His fever finally broke on Saturday, with no rash following it, so it looks like “Rosie-ola” wasn’t the culprit after all.  He’s back to his normal self today, so I chalk it up to “unspecified virus # infinity.”

Our company left on Friday afternoon, leaving us with plenty of time for Christmas decorating.  What usually takes two weekends was condensed into one.  Zan will be travelling throughout the month, leaving us only two free weekends before Christmas, which I’m sure will be dedicated to shopping and wrapping pursuits..so, we decided do it all at once. 

The to-do list is long, and the tendency for me to feel overwhelmed is present, but I am determined to slow things down a bit and enjoy the season.  It will all get done…it always does.  And I don’t want to be that woman left on the Subway platform, feeling as though yet another holiday passed me by.


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