A Phoenix Burning

Tough Times

I headed over to Music Maven’s place today.  Go ahead over and pay her a visit.  She’s has a murky aura and we must help her cleanse it.  😉

In all seriousness, I think she’s expressing what many of us are feeling these days. Lately, I too have been worked up, worried about everything, but nothing in particular.  My life is good, I have everything I need and want, so why am I experiencing such anxiety?  I’ve spent the past couple of weeks grappling with this.

After much thought, I have come to put things in perspective.  We are living in a time of uncertainty, of danger, on the verge of financial catastrophe, of fearsome illness, and war.  But really, are we any worse off than our pioneering ancestors were 200 years ago…100 years ago…50?  The problems may be different, and yet, they are the same.  Imagine a time when the dangers were more immediately physical…isolation on the frontier, freezing cold and snow seeping through the cracks in the cabin walls, separated from the elements and wild animals by nothing but a piece of oiled hide.  Financial catastrophe? Many of our poor have more than the average family had back then…Christmas was a new pair of knit mittens, and we’re whining that we *only* have $1000 to spend on Christmas this year.  Fearsome illnesses?  Imagine the days when a simple common cold could mean death for your child.  War may be much more technologically advanced, but imagine war in your own back yard.  Your sons marching away at the age of 13 never to be seen or heard from again.  I keep a musket ball in a jar in my kitchen that was found in our garden as a reminder of the history I am sitting on everyday.  As I worry and fret over problems real and imaginary, I find myself questioning God…the mere existence of His Being.  And I am ashamed.  Instead of questioning, like my anscestors I should be leaning on that which I know in the little tiny core of my existence to be The Truth, rather than letting fear and doubt chip away at my peace.

These are challenging times…we are surrounded by despair, immorality, a devaluing of life, a lack of respect that is the decaying ulcer of our times…We fight for our “rights” with absolutely no regard for the rights of others…We stand for “truth” and yet allow our leaders to spew lies.  These are challenging times, but in the midst of it all is one simple truth.  In this grand battle between good and evil, there can be only one victor.  I can’t change the world, but I can choose which side I’m going to fight on.  As hard as the world is trying to paint everything gray, right and wrong remains as black and white as it ever was.  And when fear floods me and threatens all that I hold dear, I choose to exorcise the bastard and refocus on that which is good in my life.  I choose to believe and build a life on faith, for without it I am an empty shell without purpose.  And lastly, I will teach my children right from wrong, not what society attempts to brainwash me into thinking is right and wrong.

Let us continue to fight the good fight my friends!  We SHALL overcome!


And a little love from Seal…this song came along at a time when I needed to hear it most…a song of healing and redemption.


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