A Phoenix Burning

Jack’s BACK!!!

A two hour “bridge” special on November 23rd, and a new season starts in January.  I can’t wait!  After a really bad season, and then no season due to the writer’s strike, I’ve had major Jack withdrawal! 

Now, if you’ve never watched, go rent Season 2…skip Season 1 and go back to it after you’re hooked, just so you know the backstory.  The incessant whining of his wife and daughter in Season 1 is a real turn-off, and the show gets better.  We started watching in Season 3, and went back to Seasons 1 and 2 to fill in the gaps.  We’ve been hooked ever since, but were extremely disappointed in Season 6.  We have high hopes with this two hour episode named “Redemption.”  The writers know they need to get us back.  🙂


And Season 7 Trailer:

Ahhhh……I love me some Jack Bauer!!!!!


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