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So, for those who don’t have girls in the house under the age of 13, I must enlighten you….it is the big High School Musical 3 opening weekend!  Of course, for those of you WITH young girls in the house you will have been looking “forward” to this weekend for months and months.  After releasing the first two High School Musical movies to Disney Channel, Disney in their infinite wisdom, brilliantly released the third movie to theatres.  Opening to sold out crowds on Friday night, with three out of six showings sold out on Saturday (some of them by Tuesday prior) Disney is sure to make the big bucks they expected to make. 

I took my Big Girl and her friend and Little Girl went with a group of little friends yesterday afternoon, and I sat alone in an aisle seat in order to give the Big Girl the opportunity to be a tad independent.  (I couldn’t quite bring myself to let her and her friend go alone…I told Zan, “If I was a predator, you can be sure I’d be sitting in that theatre…”  He rolled his eyes and shook his head, and let me have my little psychotic overprotective Mommy moment.)  *note to self*  Find a good therapist.  Sorry…I digress!

In my humble opinion (keep in mind that my judgement is certainly affected by numerous viewings of the first two movies, and endless barragement (is that a word?) of HSM music on Disney Channel, and preview videos) this movie was FANTASTIC!!!!  I thought the story line was smooth (for the most part) their acting has gotten better and better (especially Zac Efron who I would definitely hang a picture of in my locker if I was a tween…somehow that feels creepy wrong.  *tee*hee*) and the choreography was fantastic!  It is very refreshing to see relationships of all kinds…parent/child, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend/friend, teacher/student…portrayed in such positive ways.  The relationships aren’t perfect, but they are all surrounded by a cloud of mutual respect that is a very good model for today’s kids.  (Of course there’s the spoiled rich kid who has respect for no one, but that’s the exception not the rule…and everyone sees her for who she is.)  They’ve struck gold with this franchise, and I have to say that they deserve to.  This movie was definitely theatre worthy, and I was very pleasantly surprised.  I expected it to be as good as the other two, but I did not expect it to be better, and it was. 

If you don’t have any tweens in the house, go borrow some and take them to see the movie.  Or go by yourself and tell anyone who looks at you suspiciously as though you’re a predator, “My kids are sitting over there,” while you vaguely gesture to the other side of the theatre.  😉


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  1. how fun my wife wanted to see high school musical for so long, and i had no interest…but we finally saw it the other night (because she found our more recent viewing more depressing) we haven’t seen 2 or 3 yet…but i know my wife enjoyed it 🙂

    i don’t think i could have gone to the theater to see hsm3 with my wife…i would have felt like someone completly stole my man card.

    January 7, 2009 at 9:45 pm

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