It’s Showcase Time!!!

Every year, my Mom, my sister, and I spend a day together travelling to our local Showcase of Homes.  Local builders, decorators, and furnishers showcase their latest projects and the results are always incredibly stunning.  I vacillate from year to year between disgust and envy, discouragement and creativity.  I have come home from the tour repulsed by the “large-ess” and excess, content with my modest 110 year old house.  Other years I have come home achingly jealous, wishing that my home could be half as grand as those that I toured.  And still others, I have come home inspired by decorating ideas, motivated to make my old, cozy, warm and blessed home sparkle.  This year, I already know what I will take home with me…I am content, therefore I will be content even after the tour.  And I don’t begrudge others their “large-ess.”  Well, not *too* much anyway.  😉

I will be looking for ideas…my living room will be the next room tackled this fall, once the weather gets too cool for porch work.  I already bought new window shades…they were on fabulous sale!  How could I resist?

I think these (photo from the JCPenney’s catalogue) will look quite nice hanging in my windows…you’ll be able to see the crown molding.  In fact, hang on while I snap a photo of my much-in-need-of-attention windows….

Okay, so here is one of them…there are five of them in the living room.  Need some love, don’t they?  We have lived here for ten years, and this is the only room that hasn’t been redecorated. 

And how about this ceiling?

I know what I want to do with it, but since tin is a bit above the budget at the moment, some fresh paint will have to suffice.  Someday….

Wow, I digress.

I intended to show you a couple of examples of the houses I will be seeing this weekend!  Take a look:

And another:

I’d better get cleaning…it’s easier to come home to an old, clean house after the Showcase than an old, messy one!

3 thoughts on “It’s Showcase Time!!!

  1. Press Schumacher Homes October 2, 2008 / 10:25 am

    Very beautiful pictures! It doesn’t look like your house needs cleaning judging from those. I would love to attend a showcase like that.

  2. shrewspeaks October 2, 2008 / 10:33 am

    Wow! I see a lot of projects for Zan!

  3. kanniduba October 2, 2008 / 10:47 am

    Yeah…the husbands dread Showcase time. It explains why most of our indoor house projects have taken place in October. 😉

    Hey, and check out some of these ceilings! Wouldn’t tin look nice? lol

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