A Phoenix Burning

Budding Photographers

Big Girl’s camera is the purple Kodak…Little Girl’s BRAND SPANKING NEW camera is the silver Fujifilm.  We are doing our level best to raise photographers!  Big Girl bought her camera about two years ago with her own savings.  Little Girl bought her’s last night with all of her birthday money (and a little extra thrown in by Mom and Dad.)  They both picked them out on their own with just a little guidance from us.  (Unfortunately the “prettiness” of the cameras were the deciding factors for each of them!)  But Zan and I figure that for their first “real” cameras, as long as they are easy to use, portable, and affordable, just about any will do.  As they get more experience they will learn what they want and need in a camera. 

Little Girl has been using a Flip video camera since Christmas and has gotten some of the best videos with it!  Seeing the world through her eyes has been FASCINATING and hilarious!  I’ve watched Big Girl develop her eye for shots as well…she captures details that I don’t think I would’ve even noticed at her age. 

I’ll be highlighting some of their photos here in the near future.  In the meantime, here’s my first photo in weeks. 

My poor camera got all dusty sitting on the table.  😦  But it’s back in use, and should get a workout over the next few weeks with Balloon Festival, apple picking, and pumpkin picking escapades!


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