A Phoenix Burning

Organization Time…Again.

So, I’ve been busy.  I went to visit a friend last week, and left her organized, neat home filled with envy and renewed purpose.  Tired of tripping over toys…tired of plastic bins filled with this and that…tired of an overflowing toybox in which helpless toys sit in the bottom never seeing the light of day, I headed off to Target to find a solution.  Here’s what I found:

SOOOO much better!!  I reclaimed my living room! 

I also managed to do the scary paperwork sort last week, and today I emptied the bookshelves, reorganized, cleaned, and reloaded.  I’m on a roll!  (Sorry, I am not for hire…)

I want it all done so I can start my naptime exercise routine tomorrow when school starts, without feeling like there’s a hundred other things I SHOULD be doing.  We’ll see how it goes.  (I’ll probably last a week.)


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