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The Trials and Tribulations of School Shopping

So it’s school shopping time, and I don’t think I have ever hated it this much. 

Big Girl is having more success finding clothes than Little Girl, but it is a challenge to keep her looking eleven with all the slutty sleezy whore-ish adult-looking clothes out there.  And of course, I want her to “fit in” but I refuse to let her fit in by “hanging out.”  Fortunately most of her choices are ones I can live with, and we have had no arguments yet.  I was dismayed to find that she fits beautifully (and quite grown-up-ly) into a size 0 jean from Aeropostale.  *Yikes*  They make her look about 16.  *Double*Yikes*  Aeropostale, Urban Behavior, and American Eagle are now “THE” stores she wants to shop in.  *sigh*  Money doesn’t go so far in those stores though, and she’s had to make some tough choices this year.

Now, Little Girl has tried me to the last end of my patience.  First of all, she is too small to wear a size 7, and yet is too big to wear a size 6X…so there’s our first problem.  And having tried on about 20 pairs of jeans, the ones we found that fit in the waist but would need to be hemmed in the length “don’t feeeeeel good.”  *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*  And the shirts we brought home from Penney’s yesterday, didn’t “feeeeeeeeeeeeeel good” once she tried them on at home.  Sleeves are a hair too long (or too short) or they’re too itchy, or scratchy, or too soft, or the button thread tickles, or they’re too long in the waist, or too tight in the waist so they don’t “feeeeeeeeeel good.”  *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*  Even the sneakers she picked “feeeel weeeeird” now that she has them home.  *grrrrrrrrrrr*  She has no shoes because she didn’t like any of them enough to try them on.  Apparently Mary Janes aren’t cool enough for second grade.  *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

It’s a good thing that September is warm around here…Little Girl will be wearing her summer shorts and flip flops until we find something that “feeeeeeeeels good.”  *grrrrrrrrr*


2 responses

  1. I soooooo know how you feel!!!! I hate school clothes shopping! Hate it, hate it, HATE IT!! Doesn’t help at all, that grades 5-12 are standardized dress (and the rules are just ridiculous!!). Helps even less that my older one is tall and very skinny and it’s almost impossible to find pants for her!

    Your 11-year-old fits into a size 0? What size does she normally wear? How tall is she? Might have to drag Melissa to the nearest Aeropostale!

    Have you tried Old Navy for your younger one? I’ve had good luck there with pants. Love their adjustable waist, and they have slim sizes, too, if the regular sizes are too big in the waist. That store was a life safer!! But, seems that they don’t carry anything is a 14 slim 😛

    Oh yeah, and I hear the “this feeels weeird” ALL the time!!!

    August 21, 2008 at 1:27 pm

  2. Hey Daily!
    My oldest daughter bought some jeans from Penneys in size 14…but the Aeropostales fit her like a glove. Her friend’s Mom had mentioned that her daughter fit in size 0, so we popped in just to give them a try…
    And yes, Old Navy is next on my shopping list and I’m hoping they will save my seven year old’s life. 😉 After that, I’m resorting to Lands’ End…if that doesn’t work, she’s going to wear shorts all year long. *laugh*

    August 21, 2008 at 1:52 pm

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