A Phoenix Burning

The Birth of Language

So, it is finally happening!  It has taken 18 long months, but Mister Baby Boy is finally understanding language!  He’s a man of very few words, but I see the light of understanding descending on him and it has opened up a whole new life for us.  THANK GOD!!! 

I was beginning to think I was going to need therapy in order to handle my frustration levels.  His frustration was my frustration.  He wanted something, but couldn’t express it, and would melt into a full blown tantrum when he couldn’t make me understand.  He would go back over and over to the no-no’s and scream and kick when I’d take him away.  He didn’t understand the word, “Wait.”  You guessed it, another tantrum.

I believed that once language came, his behavior would change.  (Okay, I PRAYED that once language came his behavior would change!)  And just like magic, it did.  I say, “Wait,” he stops whining and waits.  I say, “No, no, come away from that,” he comes away.  I say, “Please take that out of your mouth,” he does it.  I say, “Come give Mommy a big smooch,” and he runs at me with arms wide.  Ahhhhh….our home is becoming much more peaceful.

Now, we wait for expressive language to blossom.  By this age both girls were speaking…Little Girl was speaking in full sentences, so there was no doubt that they understood me, and I could understand them.  Poor Mister has somewhere in the neighborhood of ten words…three of which are represented by the same word…”bawk” is milk, basketball, or blanket depending on the context.  And of course, his first word “ba” represents every round object on the planet beginning with all balls (that are not basketballs) and ending with every round fruit in the grocery store…oh, and bubbles and balloons are “ba” too.  He has “MAMA!” down pat.  And I am proud to say that please and thank you are actually two of the ten words…(please is “pee” and thank you is this mouth closed, throaty “g-g.”)  So, he’s coming along, and life is getting just a tad easier.  *WHew!* 

Now if only he’d stop falling and hurting himself…boy, torn frenulums bleed alot, don’t they?  *sigh*


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