SGDT-HC Days 2&3

So, yesterday was recovery from Party #1 and sleepover, along with preparing the house for Party #2.  Today we have 24 people coming to enjoy a day of fun and frivolity.  Okay…so fun, but I’m not one for too much frivolity.  😉

We have volleyball, swingball, basketball, ladder golf, and bocce all set and ready to go, and the deck will finally be christened with a large event.   I was up at 5:30 and at the grocery store by 6:00am, Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand to do my grocery shopping without a screaming toddler screeching for every round fruit in the store…(he’s obsessed with balls as you already know, so getting through the produce department is a feat.)  Now, I’m off to prepare fruit salad, about 10 pounds of hamburger, and bake a mac and cheese, along with shucking and halving a crapload of corn.  I will try to photograph along the way, but I’ll make no promises!  Thinking of my Newport cyberbuddies!

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