A Phoenix Burning

The At-Home Contingent of the SGDT Day 1

As Shrew is travelling the coast from Joisey to Newport, RI, I am home, preparing for Little Girl’s birthday dinner.  She turned a whole seven years old today, and we’re having Neighbors over for homemade pizza, cake and ice cream, and a follow-up sleepover for the four biggest kids.  My home smells like dough, cake, pizza sauce, Clorox, and the cinnamon candles I’ve been burning all day to mask the “old house” smell that always comes out when it rains.  Interesting mix to be sure.

So, since food is a requirement this week, I took a photo of the groceries I bought this morning.  🙂

These bags contain the fixings for three homemade pizzas, cake, ice cream, and the ever necessary popcorn, and float/milkshake fixings for tonight’s sleepover.  There are a number of other necessities in there as well, including something called a Santa Claus melon???

More later.  Hey Shrew, how was that “lobsta lunch?!”


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