A Phoenix Burning

Reunion Revisited

So, it’s been almost a week since my twentieth reunion, and I’ve had time to process the evening.  Date Man and I had a very enjoyable evening.  Our nervousness melted away the second we met up with the first group of alumni in the parking lot.  We shared more laughs in that first ten minutes, and it eased all our nerves as we entered the building to meet up with the rest.  I think I spoke more with some classmates that evening than I did in the entire four years we shared classes together. 

It was fascinating!  There were very few surprises. 

We had the soldier recently returned from Baghdad…the token baldy who once had long hair!  (He said one of our teachers once joked with him that he’d show up at the 20th reunion bald, so he thought he’d make her prediction come true.) 

We had the super competitive athlete, who has lived in a hundred different places over the last twenty years…she married four years ago and is busy trying to squeeze child number four in (or should I say out?) before she’s forty.  With three children under the age of three and a half she escapes the madness by working out at the gym.  She looks fantastic and could probably bench press her husband, who is tall, handsome, and accomplished.

Then we had the unlikely couple who married after dating on and off for years after high school.  He’s quiet, she’s not, and they have a wonderful life together.  So funny to see two people who never seemed to notice each other in high school, gaze adoringly at each other across the room.  🙂  Very sweet.

We had the girl whose list of accomplishments was so impressive as to sound fictional. 

We had the token sloppy drunk.  Sad really as she looked gorgeous when she was still standing. 

We had the recently divorced with his pretty new fiance on his arm. 

We had the Forty Year Old Bachelor (Definitely not a Virgin) who didn’t recognize a soul.  He needed the yearbook as a cheat sheet to figure out who everyone was.  *laugh*

We had the working Moms, the stay-at-home Moms, the happily childless, and the not-so-happily childless. 

Twenty years erased so much of the old “stuff.”

And yet……the photos posted on the website of the reunion are as representative of the entire group of attendees as the casual photos posted in the senior yearbook are of the entire class…not at all.  Ah, well.  Some things never change.

But I have, and I guess that’s enough.


2 responses


    August 14, 2008 at 6:52 pm

  2. There’s a reason he’s still a bachelor Shrew….I don’t think you’d want this one. He’s what they call in “modern” times, a “playa.” 😉

    August 15, 2008 at 9:24 am

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