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The Irascible Professor

I’m adding The Irascible Professor to my blogroll.  Although I haven’t read all the articles posted there, I am a fan of Peter Berger (Poor Elijah) and found this site while searching for a particular article written by him.  I thought some of you, especially the educators in the house, might find some of the commentary thought provoking.  I believe that if you have taught for any length of time, you must have scratched your head at one point or another over the direction our education system is heading.  And although you will have already noticed that I attempt to avoid political commentary, I have to say that I am mighty tired of so-called “educational experts” and politicians deciding what needs to be done in our schools with our children, when they haven’t stepped foot in one since they graduated from high school. 

This collection of articles takes a hard look at the state of our education system, and points out some of the absurdities contained therein. 

This article in particular caught my attention since I had read this article the other day and was so irritated  I couldn’t think straight for an hour.


One response

  1. karmardav

    You said it my friend! Although I still have not been hired to teach in my own classroom, I certainly get frustrated with “the system.” I can’t decide if I want to go read the article – I’m afraid I’ll get all irritated too!

    July 3, 2008 at 4:21 pm

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