A Phoenix Burning

The Weekend

So, we had one of those wonderful weekends that actually felt longer than it was.  Friday night was Big and Little Girls’ Recital.  I mentioned before that their teacher was retiring after 38 years…I was wrong…make that 43 years!  WOW!  The recital was fantastic, and as always our girls made us so proud.  Mr. Baby Boy managed to sit through the entire two hours, sweating in the stuffy auditorium, without a single peep.  I am the luckiest Mommy on the planet!  We topped off the evening with the traditional ice cream shop stop, and after a few tears (okay, more than a few) from Little Girl we managed to get everyone in bed with little trauma.  (Little Girl was WAY overtired, and more than a little sad that this was her last recital with this teacher.)

Apparently it was “BE A PROUD PARENT” Weekend, because on Saturday, we were out the door bright and early to cheer on Big Girl in a 5K run that she has been training for since March in an afterschool program called “Girls on the Run.”  It’s a great program that encourages young girls to live healthy lifestyles, and teaches them strategies to cope with the challenges of growing up.  She has enjoyed the experience, and the culmination in a 5K run was something she can be very proud of.  There were girls from all over the area participating on Saturday.  Very neat. 

On Saturday afternoon we had a cookout with our dearest friends, who we haven’t seen since Disney!  Crazy schedules have kept us apart, but we managed to squeeze in an afternoon visit.  The kids got to slip on down the slip and slide since it finally managed to reach the 90’s here.  (I can already hear MM…”90’s?!!  It hasn’t been 90 here since Easter!!  We hit a balmy 172 yesterday!!  AHHHH… Love it!!)  *laugh* 

So then we were left with Sunday…I GOT TO CLEAN MY BEDROOM!!!!!  Okay, so that may not sound exciting to all y’all…but I’ll tell you, having an hour and a half free to make as much noise as I wanted—dragging baskets of clothes around, and vacuuming, and moving furniture— without Mr. Baby Boy napping next door, or trying to kill himself downstairs was SUCH a blessing!!  Everything is put away where it belongs, furniture is back where I wanted it, and there are no dust bunnies living under my bed!  YAY!  Then, in the afternoon, Little Girl had a friend over for a visit, and Zan worked on the deck.  Ooooh…he made a sample section of railing….I can’t wait to show you!!!  It’s gonna be pretty!  🙂 

So, that was the weekend…Zan even managed to squeeze in a few board games with the girls.  It was fabulous!

Today, I didn’t celebrate BonBon Day, since I didn’t want to do it alone.  But I did take time to have lunch with a friend, read a few chapters of my luscious book, and have a dinner visit with my Mom.  That was even better.  To top it all off, the rest of the wood was delivered at 7:00 this morning, so progress reports should be forthcoming in the following weeks!  Whoohoo!


2 responses

  1. Ah KD…sounds wonderful!

    And if yo do find cleaning bedrooms so satisfying I have a doozy here for ya in NJ. I ‘ll watch Mr. BabyBoy even 😉

    June 9, 2008 at 9:01 pm

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, and your MM comment cracked me up!

    June 10, 2008 at 8:39 pm

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