Back to the 80’s…the 1780’s that is…

On Friday, Big Girl’s school held it’s Eleventh Annual Colonial Festival.  It is a full day event in which presenters and re-enactors come and teach the students about the Colonial way of life and period history.   They learn how wool from the sheep became clothing (seeing the process demonstrated from start to finish,) see a small encampment, witness musket and cannon fire, learn about tatting, colonial medical practice (complete with tools of the trade,) boatmaking, and food preparation over an open fire pit.  There are many more…eighteen in all.  It is a fantastic day and the kids really love it.

I took several photos.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that most of them have students in them, I can’t post them without a release.  But, here are a couple that stand out:


5 thoughts on “Back to the 80’s…the 1780’s that is…

  1. karmardav June 2, 2008 / 2:22 pm

    Gee, KD, I bet Shrew and I could have come and taught the kids a thing or two since we both used to do that history-interpreter thing at living history museums! I could still do the turn sheep’s wool into clothing thing too! 🙂

  2. jenfera June 2, 2008 / 8:11 pm

    I remember going on a field trip to the living history museum in 5th grade and coming home with a piece of raw wool. Our bassett hound loved sniffing it! Nice pictures, kd!

  3. kanniduba June 2, 2008 / 8:24 pm

    Yeah, Shrew and you would fit right in! lol
    Thanks jen…it really is a neat process to see. The kids are usually mesmerized.
    I swear there’s a part of me that wants to buy a loom and become a survivalist…build a little cabin out in the woods away from civilization…grow my own food, make my own candles, cook in a big ol’ fireplace…clothe my family in homespun.
    But there is a much bigger part of me that really likes electricity, running water, supermarkets and malls. 😉

  4. karmardav June 3, 2008 / 9:25 pm

    You’d be surprised at how many people used to wander through the various exhibits I worked and say things like “I’d love to live like this” – I told them “No you wouldn’t” and reminded them of all the nasty things they’d have to do and the things they’d miss in today’s world, like heat! People have this notion that everyone kept warm with a cozy little fireplace… Not! Sorry, getting back on my history-musuem soapbox! Someone stop me!

  5. kanniduba June 4, 2008 / 7:31 am

    I think in this day and age, many people are craving simplicity and family time. It’s difficult to carve out quiet time with modern day responsibilities. And you are right…we have romanticized the past in such a way that all people see in these historical displays are the rolling hills, and cozy cabins, along with the comforting smells of homebaked bread and a crackling fire. We tend to forget the horrors the people living in those times experienced such as the loss of children to now-curable diseases, and the common deaths of women during childbirth. We tend to live our lives in fear over present day “superbugs,” while our anscestors had to live in fear of the common cold.
    I think I’ll settle for a cozy little cabin in the woods that I can visit from time to time in order to escape the everyday chaos…but it will have a phone, running water, and electricity. I can always pretend by leaving the lights off! lol

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