A Phoenix Burning

Head to Shrew’s…

So, I made the mistake of peeking in at Shrew’s Place (Shrew’s Daily Shutters) with very little time to spare this morning.  Mr. Baby Boy has fifteen month shots in 45 minutes, and I still need a shower, but…you know, some things like blogging and photography are more important!!  Shrew has a post on HDR…I had never heard of it before, and still don’t have a clue.  But I went searching to see if it’s possible to do it using Elements 6 (which is what I’m stuck with for now.)  And, sadly, I have a lot of research to do to find what I’m looking for.  However, I did find some color stuff in Elements that I hadn’t discovered before, so I played for a minute.  This photo looks way overprocessed, I know, but I’m still amazed at what it could do in five short minutes of playing.  Take a look.


And after:

Boy, I have a lot to learn, especially now that I found this little color curve thingy. 



2 responses

  1. Oh KD…Thanks for the shout out. Do you have access to “masking”? Or…make a copy of the orig. photo…do the color adjustments with the copy and then set it to 50% or so opacity…that will help temper the color!

    May 27, 2008 at 1:40 pm

  2. I have NO idea!!! LOL
    I truly, truly, was shocked to stumble upon this pull down menu this morning. It was like finding a trunk in your attic! I opened it up, had only a minute to start pulling stuff out of it, then had to leave. So…I am pulling my manuals back off the shelf, dusting them off, and sitting down with them starting tonight. I was looking for something to replace Idol nights anyways! 🙂

    May 27, 2008 at 1:45 pm

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