A Little Jaunt

Since I was getting tired of fetching Mister Baby Boy off the couches and away from buttons, I decided to pack him up and get out of the house.  So glad I did!  We headed to our local lake for a little fresh air.  This is my favorite time of year at this lake.  During the summer it is way too crowded with tourists to enjoy.  Right now, it is calm, and peaceful–only the locals taking advantage of it’s beauty.  We kicked off our shoes and walked in the sand, and touched the still icy cold water.  We headed to Ben & Jerry’s for a treat, but found a busload of high school kids there, so had to forego the treat for today.  I took a few photos to share.  Enjoy! 

5 thoughts on “A Little Jaunt

  1. thedailyclick May 15, 2008 / 6:00 am

    Looks so peaceful there, very beautiful. I love the picture of the trees, too.
    And you have a Ben & Jerry’s? I’m officially jealous! LOL

  2. kanniduba May 15, 2008 / 8:09 am

    We have to drive a half hour one direction or the other to get to a Ben & Jerry’s now. When we were first married we lived one block away from a Ben & Jerry’s shop…I was SO sad to leave it! lol

  3. kanniduba May 15, 2008 / 8:13 am

    Oh, and the trees are in a park right across from the lake. It is called the Battlegrounds since it was the site of some battles during the French and Indian War, as well as the American Revolution. Just up the hill from those trees are some monuments. One of these days I will get up there and take some photos to share. The place is a bit haunting when you’re alone. Not haunted, but haunting.

  4. karmardav May 15, 2008 / 1:52 pm

    Good thing there isn’t a Ben&Jerry’s around my corner – I’d probably be double my current size! 😀
    Looks like it was a lovely afternoon. Seems you have the same problem my mom has – she lives on Cape Cod. Her favorite places to visit, mostly beaches, become far too crowded once the nice weather arrives.

  5. shrewspeaks May 15, 2008 / 2:04 pm

    I love the boat shot…great cropping

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