My car…

So, I took my van in for a routine oil change this morning.  I happen to mention, “You know, my interior lights flicker a bit.  It’s just a minor annoyance, but thought I should mention it.” 

An hour later Mr. Saturn Guy comes out and says, “Yeah…you know that little light problem?  You need a new alternator, and we aren’t going to let you drive home in the vehicle.  It’s not safe.  You’re lucky it didn’t die on you before now.” 


So they had us safely stowed away in a rental (paid for by them) until tomorrow when it should be fixed.  I’m a *bit* nervous since the van isn’t even two years old yet, and it only has 14,000 miles on it.  But I’m grateful that it didn’t die on us while I was driving with all my sweeties in it.

So there went my morning. 

And I *should* mention, I LOVE my Saturn!  It’s the third one we’ve owned, and this is truly the first unexpected problem to come along.  Hopefully it will be the last.  *crossing fingers*

3 thoughts on “My car…

  1. thedailyclick May 8, 2008 / 1:57 pm

    Glad it didn’t break down on you… and hope the repairs are covered by the warranty!
    We’re in the market for a new car soon, to replace my little gas guzzler. If it was up to dh, we would have gotten a new one months ago, but I keep coming up with new excuses LOL. I REALLY hate buying cars.

  2. shrewspeaks May 8, 2008 / 2:34 pm

    Check with Car Talk on NPR they usually list problems that are recurring in certain years and models of cars.

  3. kanniduba May 9, 2008 / 6:50 am

    Thanks for the heads up Shrew…unfortunately, I did read quite awhile back that this “flickering light” problem is common. However, the customers were told it was a “glitch” and nothing serious. So when I mentioned it, I really expected them to say it was just a quirky thing with the car. And yes, it is covered under warranty…and they are covering our rental as well.
    I really hate buying cars too, but we’ve had such a good experience with Saturn through the years that we’ve stayed with them. The price on the car is the price you pay…no dickering nonsense. There are incentives and things like that, but never the back door dealings.

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