A Phoenix Burning

God built them that way…

Had I needed any more evidence that men’s less desireable traits were inborn, not learned, my son offered me that evidence this morning. 

Mister Baby Boy was sitting on the floor, playing with something or other…when all of a sudden, he lifted one butt cheek, and let one rip that reverberated through the floor boards.  Unphased, he lifted and ripped again……and yet again.  He then turned and looked at me, with half a grin on his face that said, “Wow…that was cool Mom.”  I don’t think it was the dispelling of air that sounded like a foghorn that left me stunned.  It was the butt cheek lift!  I’ve asked Zan a number of times, “What’s with the lift?  Women don’t do that!”  And I will say that Mister did not “learn” this behavior at home as that particular behavior is not tolerated in my home.  (EW!)  So…that brings me to the solid conclusion that God made men that way.  Why?  Beats me!  Perhaps in ancient times, this noisy and rancid dispensation of air kept the wee beasties out of the caves…a protective fog of sorts.  “The Lift” must have been a means to direct this acrid air in the direction of the cave opening, to better insure protective qualities.  All I know is that I learn something of man’s baser nature everyday from my own sweet darling boy…Today I learned that butt cheek lifts are completely normal.  Hunh.


One response

  1. LOL Yup. what a little MAN he is already!

    May 2, 2008 at 2:52 pm

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