A Phoenix Burning

My Son, the Politician?

Many years ago, my husband and I were having a discussion and I remember stating quite boldly that if I ever had a son and he became President, I would be ashamed because I would know the types of things he would have had to do to get there. 

This morning, while listening to the Today Show as it reveled in the news of the latest political scandal,  I recalled my comment while looking at my innocent one-year-old son over his Cheerios.  I looked into those sweet, fresh-from-God eyes, and wondered, “How do I raise this child to be a Man, worthy of being President…honest, intelligent, caring, honorable, strong, loyal—faithful to God, Country, and Family?”  I cannot imagine that this little human, with a soul full of love, laughter, and beauty could ever become anything but…….but.  So many forces…the task of raising this child, this someday man, to see his full potential seems daunting, and I’ve been at this parenting job for over a decade.

I no longer believe that I would be ashamed if my son became President.  However, I pray that God gives me the skills to parent this child, along with his sisters, in such a way that they will be worthy in His eyes.  Whatever they choose to do, whether it be President, or not, I hope they do it well.


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