A Phoenix Burning

Funky Town

Boy, am I in a funk!  So now I’m gonna rant and feel sorry for myself, then maybe I’ll get to the root of my problem.

It’s February…I HATE February.

I don’t feel good.

The baby wakes up screaming at 10:00 every night…for weeks now….it unnerves me!

E. is having coping problems again.

B. is away…

Change is coming.

I can’t spend money on anything fun.

It’s cold and snows all the time.

I haven’t heard from the publisher.

My brain is shriveling from lack of use.

I’m in horrible physical shape.  I feel weak.

My neck still hurts so I’m afraid to exercise.

I hate laundry.

I’m sick of wearing layers….and boots…and coats.

A. is skinny, so I’m obsessing over feeding him enough.

I feel isolated.

And lonely.

Yep……there it is. 


One response

  1. yikes i hope this winter is better..

    January 11, 2009 at 2:04 am

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