Evolutionary Moments

Oprah calls them “AH-HA Moments.”  I will call them Evolutionary Moments…those moments in which you suddenly realize that a Life Lesson has been learned.  Shortly after that last post, as I was going about my chores, I realized that all my venomous feelings toward the whole PTSO issue had disappeared.  My anger toward that certain someone who has caused me grief, was gone.  Gone like it was never there to begin with.  That’s when I realized I had had an Evolutionary Moment.  I am a better person…I internalized a lesson that God has probably been trying to teach me for decades.  Help…not because you have to, but because you want to.  Help, not because others expect you to, but because I expect you to.  Help, not out of obligation, but because it is right. 

I must tell my girls The Lesson I learned today.  They heard my frustration this morning, and my not so generous comments.  Now they need to hear that I learned…and hopefully they will learn too.  Children learn by example and I haven’t been setting a very good one for them in this area.  Thank God for people like Suzanne…teaching by example, helping others like me evolve.

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