The conversion of my yellow daffodil to black and white gave Shrew an idea that I’d like to pursue here!  The text of her comment can be found in this thread, but I copy it here:

Both are a great shot…flowers are interesting in B&W especially when they are known for such a specific color like the daffodil you have captured.

Removing the expected color from the bloom draws the viewer’s eye to the lines and texture variation within the flower. I know I marked the color version as a favorite on flickr because it is a terrific color macro with lovely DOF. I wonder if you tried to force a more shallow DOF on B&W compositions of flowers what kind of series you would have. Truly, the color is the common thing amongst all daffodils, but each one has it’s own unique line and texture…even a rip in a petal becomes the stamp of individuality.

Hmmmmm….you gave me an idea friend…How about a mini-challenge? A series of unique character sketches of flowers. They must be the same type of flower within each series, so you could do daffoldils or roses, I could do tulips or carnations. ALL must be done as B&W to look for the unique character in the structure of the flowers. And we post them here like Monday-ish.

WHAT do you think?

What do I think???  I think it’s a GREAT idea!!!!  So, to that end, a mini-challenge begins NOW! 

As we do over at Scott’s, please post a link to your photos in the comment section of this post by Monday, Midnight Eastern time,  and I will do a recap midweek.  The more the merrier, so please join us in the challenge!  I would love to see some work from some of our “silent” readers.  :)

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